Account Based Marketing

Unify the Objective of Marketing & Sales with our Account Based Marketing

Account-based marketing provides the much needed structure for unifying sales and marketing efforts and yield enhanced outcome. We help brands take on a one-to-one or one-to-few approach with our ABM services. Target specific accounts, reach key stakeholders and execute highly engaging, personalized campaigns through our ABM strategy.

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Connecting with the Contacts that Count and Convert

Get superior quality leads and increased conversions with our targeted one-to-one strategy. Our full stack of Account Based Marketing ranges from strategy to reporting, providing you with timely updates, accommodating timely pivots and necessary optimization. A one-to-one or one-to-few approach to B2B marketing with an integrated approach.



We help you focus on high-value accounts by identifying target profiles and invested companies with the highest potential of turning into your customers.



We then help you gain an in-depth understanding of each target account by building complete profiles of the individuals involved in the decision making process.



Once everything is ready, we reach out to each identified prospective contact using the right mix of personalized outreach and digital touch points.



We go beyond initiating contact with stakeholders. We nurture and follow up each interested prospect in order to help them move into the next stages in the buying process.

With this 4-step approach, NetNex multi-touch ABM solution ensures that you:

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