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Empower your marketing with the right blend of event formats & personalized experiences

Events are the gateway to create brand experiences and forge lasting business relationships; a great opportunity to educate, inspire and connect with your audience. We empower your marketing and sales strategies with the right blend of event formats and personalized experiences for intended results. No matter what format or type of event, we produce the right fit for your need, your audience, and your objective.

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Boost turnout & conversions with our targeted event marketing services

Netnex provides the means to boost registration numbers and maximize revenue generation for your in-person or virtual events. Our adaptable, comprehensive event marketing solutions is customized for various types of live events, including trade shows, webinars, seminars, product launches, industry meetups, and more. We combine our extensive experience in targeted sales and marketing with our versatile multi-touch, multi-channel capabilities to deliver an ROI focussed event.

Our event marketing solutions, dedicated teams and tools optimize all four crucial event stages:

  • Campaign Setup
    Understanding the event objective and laying the groundwork for the campaign process

  • Pre-Event Outreach
    Marketing and outreach to qualified and targetted leads - enriching the onboaring with interest and information

  • Event Execution
    Seamless execution of the event inclusive of logistics, attendee and content management

  • Post Event Follow-up
    Upkeep the event momentum with a tested post-event follow-up strategy and maximize the event opportunity

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